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Houston, We’ve Got a Problem...

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The Big Picture:

NASA needs more women. In fact, so does the whole space industry.

FYI, this year has been a banner year for NASA women. We watched the first ever all woman spacewalk. And NASA is working hard to putting the first woman on the Moon.

But women make up only about a third of NASA’s workforce. They comprise just 28 percent of senior executive leadership positions and are only 16 percent of senior scientific employees.

In the space industry, there are a few women leaders like SpaceX president & C.O.O. Gwynne Shotwell and Boeing Space Division chief Leanne Caret. Still, only 24 percent of employees are women, and there has been little change in years.

Read about what industry members are doing to address this issue.

Special Note:

We here at THE FLYBY want to help! We’ve launched SPACE FOR WOMEN to focus on women in the space industry. For now, the best way to access that content is to follow Space For Women on Facebook.


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